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Bosch targets smart home market with new company

Bosch has unveiled a new subsidiary called Robert Bosch Smart Home to launch on 1 January 2016 and focus on producing solutions for the smart home. The new company will bring together the company’s smart-home activities, including related software and sensor-system expertise.

In the future, the new company will offer many products and services for connected homes from a single source: for example a new solution that can report break-ins and help control the heating to save energy.

From January 2016, customers will be able to order the first Bosch products in this field online. These include the Bosch smart home controller, a smart thermostat, and a contact for doors or windows.

The premiere will take place at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES, January 6-9, 2016) in Las Vegas. According to market experts, by 2020 230 million homes worldwide, almost 15% of all households, will feature smart-home technologies.

“Setting up the Bosch smart-home subsidiary is an important strategic step toward pooling and expanding on our range of solutions for the smart home. Smart homes facilitate new services that make their occupants’ lives easier, and they offer major business potential,” said Dr. Stefan Hartung, the member of the board of management of Robert Bosch responsible for the energy and building technology business sector.

“The Bosch smart-home system is easy to install and operate: one system, one app, one user experience. Our solutions relieve users of tiresome routine tasks while offering them more convenience and safety,” added Dr. Peter Schnäbele, the future managing director of Stuttgart-based Robert Bosch Smart Home.

Bosch smart-home system solutions mean that a single platform is sufficient to interconnect the heating, lighting, smoke alarms, and appliances in a home. All these can then be operated using a smartphone or tablet. The core of the system is the Bosch smart-home controller, a central control unit that connects the components with each other and to the internet.

In the future, users will be able to use the Bosch smart-home app to combine the basic functions of unrelated devices. For example, the door and window contact solution reports whether a window is open. When this happens, the system can automatically turn down the heating in the relevant room, in line with the user’s preference settings. What is more, users can check their smartphone anytime, anywhere to see whether doors and windows are open or closed. In future versions of the door and window contact solution, the system will sound the alarm if a window or door is broken open when the occupant is absent, meaning there will no longer be any need for a separate alarm system.

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