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Bosch brands specified for multi-purpose Tokyo complex

The final specification was the result of a three-year R&D process instigated by Tokyo Midtown Management and involving the Joho Dentatsu Institute, M&N Sound Projects Inc and Towa Engineering Corporation.

“It’s far easier to design a premium system like this using high quality products from a single vendor; products that work seamlessly together,” commented Mr Kameguchi, general manager, Tokyo Midtown Hall and Conference Center. “Our research process combined technical analysis with professional experience to ensure we achieved an optimal balance of sound quality, complete coverage and architecture-friendliness.”

In the main hall, the specification includes 74 ceiling-mounted Electro-Voice ZX1i loudspeakers and N/D767a microphones. The venue’s team technical team is also able to call upon six DYNACORD D-Lite systems, DYNACORD AM12 monitors, ten Midas Venice 160 mixing consoles and ten Klark Teknik Square One Graphic equalisers, among other equipment.

The commercial spaces, Galleria, meeting rooms and Suntory Museum of Art are equipped with more than 300 EV EVID C4.2 recessed loudspeakers. EV ZX1i and DYNACORD D-Lite systems were used during the recent month-long Midtown Garden Caf_ open-air event programme.