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BMW upgrades Nürburgring showroom with HARMAN solutions for an “unforgettable experience”

Showroom in the iconic Formula 1 course utilising cutting-edge AMX, JBL Professional and Crown audio-visual solutions to elevate the showroom experience

System integrators C-Line Mediensysteme has installed a suite of HARMAN Professional AV solutions to enhance the visitor experience at the 480 sq mtr BMW showroom in the iconic Nürburgring Formula 1 motorsports complex.

BMW wanted a versatile and easy-to-use AV system with wireless control to ensure an “unforgettable experience” for every visitor, so to meet these requirements BMW and C-Line deployed a comprehensive selection of AMX, JBL Professional and Crown solutions.

“We wanted to deliver a perfect sound and video system, but we had to meet a really tight deadline,” said Thomas Langenegger, project manager, BMW M. “Complicating matters, we had to use the venue for different exhibits, each with their own audio-visual needs.”

BMW’s primary goal for the showroom’s system was to deliver audio and video content throughout the facility with ease and efficiency. AMX SVSI 2300 Series AVoIP encoders and decoders provide the needed processing power and user-friendliness, allowing staff to display signage, presentations, and race day video feeds at the touch of a button. AMX Modero touch panels allow users to control the displays on any of the nine video walls throughout the space and select live TV, Nürburgring TV or auxiliary inputs for presenters to showcase their own content. AMX Touch Panel Control apps give users the same level of control from wireless tablets and smartphones.

“Since the beginning of the project, we knew that we would install a reliable and rock-solid control system combined with SVSI networked AV from AMX,” said Christian Kraus, account manager, C-Line Mediensysteme. “AMX is our manufacturer of choice and we have done many successful installations over the years using their solutions.”

To accommodate the showroom’s limited size, C-Line selected JBL AC28/26 two-way loudspeakers and ASB6115 subwoofers for wide coverage and detailed sound while taking up minimal space. Because the showroom also has the ability to be divided into three separate audio zones divided by acoustic curtains, C-Line deployed JBL AWC82 and Control 67 P/T loudspeakers to provide distinct, independent audio in each area when needed. Crown CDi 4|600 and CDi 2|300 networked amplifiers, featuring easy monitoring and extensive control options, allow staff to program and adjust extremely low-latency audio throughout the facility.

Langenegger reported overwhelmingly positive responses to the showroom’s audio and video components from visitors thus far, recognising HARMAN and C-Line for their expertise and collaboration.

“BMW is a hugely design-oriented company, so we wanted speakers that would be both sleek and unobtrusive,” he added. “The JBL speakers fit the bill, and the whole system works perfectly. HARMAN and BMW have a long partnership because their equipment works and their products are excellent. We didn’t have to think too hard about partnering with HARMAN, and in the end, we chose the best system for our needs. It met, if not exceeded, our requirements.”

BMW and HARMAN have enjoyed a close working relationship for almost 30 years. Harman Kardon speakers deliver immersive and high-fidelity audio on the road to millions of BMW sedan and SUV owners, making HARMAN’s technology as much a part of the BMW experience as the finely-tuned engines and German craftsmanship.