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Blue Aura launches wireless loudspeaker system

Blue Aura has launched the WS80i wireless loudspeaker system. Users can send an audio signal from any device to the speakers, which can be placed anywhere in the home.

Blue Aura is a new name in the UK audio market. Its first launch is the WS80i wireless loudspeaker system. The WS80i allows the user to send an audio signal from any device – be it an MP3 player, computer or traditional hi-fi system to the speakers, which can be placed anywhere in the home.

With the amplifier integral to the unit, there is no need for external amplification. The WS80i delivers not only the most faithful sound but also a clean, elegant design – without the mess of cables – anywhere in the home.

The loudspeaker uses STS wireless technology operating at 44.1 KHz. It is extremely robust and is not prone to interference from microwave ovens, telephones or wireless networks. The WS80i wireless system is supplied with two active speakers, a transmitter and multi-function remote control plus all the necessary accessories to enable the user to listen to their favourite music. The speakers are covered with faux leather, available in black or white with alternate colour stitching to offer a stylish and luxurious finish.

The small and compact transmitter is the hub of the system. Once connected to the source device it will send the audio signal to the loudspeakers providing CD quality sound. As both WS80i speakers are fitted with a signal receiver there are no interconnecting wires, as with conventional speaker set ups. This ensures a clean, wire-free solution for the home or office. Signal range is up to 25 metres.

Complement the WS80i loudspeakers by placing them on specifically designed stands for optimum listening position. Available in black or white and incorporating (mains) cable management features.