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Behringer Eurocom installed in US church

The new solution replaces an outdated sound system as the church strived for better speech intelligibility to accomodate live recording for radio rebroadcast.

A recent technical upgrade to the St Paul Evangelical Church, Defiance, Ohio, US saw installation of Behringer Eurocom system. 
 The church serves the small town, whose entire population numbers approximately 16,500.
 Clay Stahlka, regional sales manager for Starin Marketing, the US distributor for Behringer, served as system designer, liasing between the church and Behringer dealer, CIM Technology Solutions. “The concept was to provide superior speech intelligibility at moderate sound pressure levels, plus occasional support for acoustic and light electric instrument performances,” said Stahlka. “The system also had to accommodate live recording for radio rebroadcast.” Stahlka specified a center cluster of Eurocom CL Series 3-way loudspeakers; one CL3264 for long throw and a lower CL3296 to cover the main sanctuary area. Additional CL106T compact 2-way loudspeakers were installed both as a fold-back for the choir, and along the wall leading back from the pulpit area for additional sound reinforcement. The CL106Ts feature internal 70 V transformers and are powered by a single AX6240Z dual-channel high-impedance power amplifier.
 The center cluster utilises the DSP-enabled AX6240 low-impedance power amplifier. Both amps feature a full array of digital signal processing and can be set up, controlled and monitored remotely via USB or over a standard Ethernet network thanks to free downloadable PC software. To help eliminate feedback, Behringer’s 2-channel TN6232 Zero-Configuration Feedback Suppressor was also integrated into the system.
 According to church directors, the system not only performs flawlessly, but is extremely easy to use. Stahlka sums up the experience, “Behringer Eurocom products are perfect for all churches. This exceptionally well-tuned system really performs and is one of the easiest-to-commission systems I have installed in a church.”