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BCU employs Christie Mirages for radiotherapy training

The VERT software is being used in conjunction with a StereoWorks ActiveWall 3D visualisation system and Christie Mirage S+6K SXGA+, 6500 ANSI lumens three-chip stereoscopic projection.

Birmingham City University is one of only 10 educational institutions in the UK to offer radiotherapy training. However, there are now in excess of 40 VERT systems out in the field – many featuring the Christie Mirages – with Birmingham among 10 specialist universities that can offer the ‘complete immersion’ VERT environment.

Utilising dual-channel active 3D stereoscopic rear projection at 1:1 scale, the new system creates a life-sized treatment room onto a 4.9m x 2.1m screen – including all equipment as well as a patient on a treatment table. This allows trainees and qualified radiographers to practice cancer treatment in a real-life situation within a 60sqm auditorium.

The student’s movement is tracked and his field of view alters as he moves. Alternatively, an instructor can use the entire wall of the room to demonstrate concepts to a classroom of students.

Mark Holland, radiographer and senior lecturer at Birmingham City University, commented: “When we first saw this system come alive you could see the difference right away – it was much better quality than we had experienced before. These projectors are really powerful and the brightness is immense.”