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BBS-based network for Sydney leisure complex

Having won the tender, Avsound set about devising a site-wide system encompassing four control rooms, with a quartet of 45RU racks in each. A grand total of 19 Soundweb London digital process have been deployed, comprising BLU-80 configurable processors and BLU-32 input/output expansion devices in the first three racks, and a combination of the new BLU-800 and BLU-160 devices in the final rack.

All four control areas contain local and global inputs; the main BGM system is global, as are a number of DJ inputs, while the ability exists for the client to listen to any input playing in any area from his office.

Music is provided either by DJs playing in the site’s various bars or a computer music system that is overseen from the master AMX control system, which also handles complete environmental management. Another notable feature of the project is that the fire evacuation system has been integrated with the sound system.

Matthew Kline, managing director of Avsound Productions Pty, told us: “The BSS Audio equipment was selected due to the relationship and support from our local supplier Jands. We were also impressed with the fact that we could integrate all manufacturers – AMX, d&b, QSC – with no major issues, [enabling us] to choose the most appropriate products for each area. Our technical team on the project were also impressed with BSS.”

Soundweb programming and system were handled by David Gilfillan, John Collyer and David Coleman, with support from Australian BSS distributor Jands.