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Barix IP audio solution for São Paulo Metro revamp project

The new solution incorporates more than 400 Barix Annuncicom two-way audio devices to enable programmed recordings, live announcements and intercom functionality on the Metro trains.

IP-based audio transmission and control technology supplier Barix, in collaboration with its Swiss partner Ortics, is suppling a key part of the new passenger information system for Metro trains in São Paulo, Brazil. Opened in 1974, the São Paulo Metro operates five lines with 64 stations, and has an overall length of about 45 miles — including some underground sections. It is now undergoing modernisation with backing from a Brazilian Consoritum, and is scheduled for completion in 2014. Ortics is outfitting 25 trains, each comprising six carriages, with modern voice communication, software and vehicle diagnostics systems. The project includes 16 Barix Annuncicom 155 units (pictured) and two Annuncicom VME cards installed on every train. The Annuncicom 155 is a robust device for VoIP, intercom and IP-paging that Barix has specially developed for everyday operation in trains, buses, ships and other harsh environments. Its deployment in the São Paulo Metro enables train drivers to initiate manual and automated announcements, and communicate with passengers via emergency intercom points. The Annuncicom VME is an Annuncicom variant available in a card format for 19in VME (Virtual Machine Environment) racks, deployed by Ortics as an interface module with digital and analog signals for local amplifiers. Lorenz Trachsel, CEO of Ortics, says the Barix components are an ideal complement to his passenger information systems. Amongst the benefits of the Barix solutions for Trachsel are custom programmability, enabling perfect alignment to customer requirements, prioritization of safety-relevant announcements, and integrated functions for line monitoring. “Following very positive experiences with the integration capabilities, functionality and reliability of Barix products, it stood to reason that we should once again opt for the members of the Annuncicom family for the current project in Brazil,” finishes Trachsel.