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Barco provides ‘window on the world’

Barco has been selected by Dutch national newscasters NOS and NTR to install eight OL-710 video wall cubes which will be used as a backdrop for broadcasts.

Barco has been selected by Dutch national newscasters NOS and NTR to install eight OL-710 video wall cubes. The 70-inch, LED-lit rear-projection cubes will be used as a backdrop for NOS and NTR broadcasts, immersing the viewers into the news. Barco said that, for NOS and NTR, the key selection criteria were a seamless look and feel, inter-cube color alignment, low total cost of ownership, limited installation depth and the availability of local 24-hour support.

As the official Dutch newscasters, NOS and NTR are charged with making news and sports programs for the three public television channels in the Netherlands. When renewing their news studio, NOS and NTR wanted to create a more interactive look and feel. A long video wall would feature as a ‘window on the world’. Dutch integrator of professional visualisation solutions Inter Visual Systems responded to the tender with a 8×1 configuration of Barco’s OL-710 LED video wall and was selected ahead of several other bidders.

“The easy adjustment of the LED’s color gamut to reach the optimal Rec.709 used for HD video, is a first strong point in favor of the OL series,” said Mathieu Massart, Director Product Management Displays at Barco. “With lamp-based projection systems, it was difficult to reach this color gamut, as especially the reds and yellows were underperforming. This problem is completely solved using Barco’s LED technology. Furthermore, LEDs can reach the optimal white point for TV studio lighting (3200K) without brightness and lifetime deterioration. Supplemented by a number of other innovative features for the broadcasting market, including gen locking, minimized frame delay and redundant inputs, the OL series are an excellent choice for use as a studio backdrop.”

NOS and NTR’s new studio, featuring the 8×1 OL-710 video wall, has been operational since 6 September 2010.