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Barco OVL-815 video wall chosen for Chinese electricity control centre

With 68 cubes, the installation is said to be the largest display system in China’s electric power generation industry.

Tianjin Electric Power Corporation (TEPC) has selected Barco’s OVL-815 Video Wall and TransForm-A Controller for TEPC’s Control Centre display system. It is the largest display system (17×4 OVL-815) in China’s electric power generation industry.

TEPC’s Control Centre is one of the pilot programs for the construction of the Centralised Control & Large-scale Operation Based National Electric Power System initiated by China’s State Grid Corporation. Barco said that it won the project on the strength of its modular design and colour correction.

The OVL-815 Video Wall includes Barco’s liquid cooling system, which is said to ensure lower LED temperatures and thus a longer lifetime and an excellent viewing experience. In addition, Sense6 – Barco’s sensor technology – provides brightness and color stability over time and across the entire display.

The TransForm-A Video Wall Controller makes it possible to display any type of video and data sources on any display configuration in an enterprise environment. Such an integrated platform will, according to Barco, help TEPC achieve efficient, flexible operations, which will ensure stable and reliable monitoring and decision-making.

“Thanks to Barco’s professional support, we have successfully constructed our control center’s display system,” said Wang Xu from the control room center of TEPC. “This display system – the largest one in China so far – helps strengthen the stability of our electrical power grid and reinforces our leading position in the industry. Moreover, Barco integrated ergonomics into the system design, which helped us eliminate roadblocks in determining indoor layout and visual angle. I believe this will play a significant role in accelerating the development of China’s national electrical power systems.”