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Barco installs world’s largest suspended LED videowall

One hundred and seventy-five OVL-815 80in LED videowall cubes with a total screen surface of 40m by 8.4m have been installed at mobile operator Airtel's new Network Experience Center.

Barco has installed what it says is the largest suspended LED videowall at the Network Experience Centre of Bharti Airtel, a telecommunications services provider with operations in 20 countries across South Asia and Africa.

The first of its kind Network Experience Centre was inaugurated on 31 October 2012 by the Honourable Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Shri Kapil Sibal. The installation consists of 175 modules of 80in, in a 25×7 configuration.

This huge LED videowall will monitor the company’s operations, optimising the network’s performance throughout India.

With a total of over 259 million customers across its operations, Airtel is the fourth largest mobile operator in the world. Its new Network Experience Center will manage the performance of Airtel’s network and services across technology verticals, by monitoring and analysing the data from more than 70 sources of network probes, contact centres and tactical facilities. The videowall enables Airtel to display performance of customers’ experience, service performance and network performance along-with various other feeds from internet & TV, which helps Airtel to improve user experience.

The main video wall in Airtel’s auditorium consists of 175 OVL-815 LED videowall cubes (80in diagonal). With a total screen surface of 40m by 8.4m, Airtel’s LED videowall is believed to be the world’s largest suspended LED videowall.

“It gives us great satisfaction that in India the best in class companies are really going for the best in class equipment and they prove that quality is always the most economical option,” said Abel Garamhegyi, vice president growth markets EMEAI and managing director for India at Barco.

“We are proud to announce that the leading telecommunication service provider in India has selected Barco to provide the videowall for its Network Experience Centre. Airtel’s endorsement is a strong validation and belief in Barco and its products. We are grateful to be able to provide Airtel the best in class equipment in a cost effective manner which benefits both Airtel and its customers.”

In addition to the huge central videowall, Barco is also the display control system for a large number of TFT panels for different rooms. Barco’s TransForm N solution ensures the easy distribution of data throughout the building and beyond, using the standard internet connection. The complete solution also includes Barco’s CMS control room management software to display and arrange the information on the videowall in a user-friendly way.