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Barco in space (well, almost)

Monitoring continued throughout the spacewalk and concluded when the astronauts’ re-entry module landed in central Inner Mongolia.

In addition to providing the SLM R12+ 12,000 lumens output projectors, Barco also put a specially assigned technical team on standby throughout the venture.

Frank Christiaens, managing director of Barco China, told II: “To participate in and provide support for the Shenzhou VII spacewalk is a true honour for Barco. Product reliability is the crucial factor for customers choosing Barco. We’re always happy to be able to provide state-of-the-art technical support in any and every way possible.

“Barco’s SLM projector bundles image quality and performance, precisely what was needed for a mission as critical as a spacewalk. And although the projector series was designed for media and entertainment applications, its reliability and versatility made it a logical choice for visualising the spacewalk. Moreover, we were [on] standby around the clock during the mission to ensure a 100% reliable solution.”