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B-Tech provides distributors with online configurator platform

B-Tech AV Mounts has made its online System X configurator tool available to all its main distribution partners. System X allows integrators and consultants to effectively specify their own bespoke AV display mounting solution in four clicks.

The B-Tech System X range consists of mounting solutions for menu boards, videowalls and videoconferencing in a variety of different configurations.

Designed by B-Tech’s business development manager Mark Walker, the configurator software is now available to all of B-Tech’s main distribution partners to host on their websites, with pricing and specification emails now being sent directly to the distributors’ inbox.

Mark Walker explained: “There are a few configurators out there, but my aim was to create an interface that is simplicity itself to operate. This B-Tech tool configures any mounting requirement, of any screen size, in landscape or portrait orientation, in just a few clicks, with the software automatically selecting everything needed for a straightforward and secure assembly. And all with one part code.”

The aluminium design of System X makes it lightweight yet incredibly strong, with virtually any permutation of display mounting possible.

To add to their comprehensive freestanding and mobile mounting solutions, B-Tech has recently added a bolt-down option to the configurator software options, allowing integrators to select mounting that is safe near windows and where floor space is tight.

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