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AWE brings history to life in Old Palace makeover

Bringing modern living into a property rich in history and tradition, a spectacular custom install has been achieved in the former Old Bishop’s Palace, a Grade II-listed building in Wrotham, Kent. Integrator Technophobe specified a Philips Dynalite system, supplied by distributor AWE, to control the entire lighting system within the seven-bedroom property, achieving an aesthetically-pleasing and energy-efficient solution for the large-scale project.

In a 12th Century property, it is usual to expect the exterior façade will reflect a traditional interior to match. For this property owner, a modern, fully-automated home has been blended seamlessly into the original architecture of the house.

The detailed brief called for full AV integration within the family home, incorporating HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), audio and security, into one fully automated, user-friendly and economic system. The main focus was on lighting automation and design. It was important for each room to be individually catered for. For example, the children’s bedrooms required simple lighting schemes with on/off sensors for energy saving and practicality purposes. While the kitchen required the lighting to be more focused in particular areas where cooking preparation and higher activity was expected.

AWE supplied a full Philips Dynalite lighting control system. The easy system integration meant that the original architecture, including the oldest residential door in Britain, could be preserved as much as possible when running cables. Energy-saving features including daylight sensors and ‘total home’ control ability, such as ‘All Off’ settings, made Philips Dynalite the perfect solution to fit the homeowner’s needs.

All circuits (63 in total) used in the property are under complete Philips Dynalite control, with lighting, motion sensors and security alarms logged into the system. When working together, this comprehensive lighting installation adds an extra layer of security throughout the property. For example, should the motion sensors trigger the security alarm, this would immediately activate or flash lighting in the relevant area of the property.

The lighting control system has been customised to suit each room’s individual needs, whilst incorporating full compatibility with energy efficient LED lighting. Both interior and exterior lights have been tailored to automatically turn on and off at appropriate times to enhance the lighting design of the property and reduce wasted energy. The timed event capabilities provide focus, warmth and mood lighting to suit the homeowner’s lifestyle. Additional motion sensors have been fitted in larger cupboards, bathrooms and, most importantly, in the children’s bedrooms which have proved essential in the day-to-day running of the large home.

For quick and easy selection, Philips Dynalite Revolution control keypads have been carefully positioned into the walls around the house: in the study, playroom, corridors, bathrooms, bedrooms and basement swimming pool area. All of these keypads have been pre-programmed with the required lighting schemes depending on the room, which can be selected quickly and easily via the touch of a button.

“The Philips Dynalite system answered all of our client’s needs. The simple design of the touch panels and the feature-rich system in general were particularly pleasing to our client who is able to enjoy all lighting aspects of their home effortlessly,” explains Jamie Marshall, managing director of Technophobe. “The homeowner can enjoy a lighting arrangement to suit any time, mood and activity thanks to the simple Revolution control buttons on the in-wall panels.

“Not only is Philips Dynalite easy to control from within the home, but because of integration into the home automation system, it is possible for lighting to be adjusted, turned on or shut down remotely when away from home. The bespoke Philips Dynalite system we specified exceeds all original requirements and we certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use it again in similar large-scale projects.”

AWE also supplied a range of Samsung’s latest screens, to the project, including the 65-inch LED UE65F8000, which is used in the TV room on a rotating mount for ease of positioning. Other screens in the master bedroom and swimming pool area included the popular Samsung EU40F8000 and Samsung UE46F8000.

Additional stand-out features of this house include the bespoke home cinema room. A last-minute assessment saw Technophobe turn an area originally designed to be a storage room into a state-of-the art cinema for the family’s private viewing pleasure. A full KEF 5.1 R100 surround sound system (also provided by AWE), was specified to handle audio requirements. Providing perfect sound dispersion and a balanced soundstage, the KEF R100 units add dynamism and drama to every movie night.