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Aviom takes to the ice

Based on Aviom’s audio transport protocol, A-Net, the AN-16/i provides 16 balanced line level inputs into a Pro16 system. Audio is converted to digital and transmitted via A-Net and Cat-5e cable. A dedicated audio thru is available for each input channel, enabling the AN-16/i to be inserted into an existing audio signal path.

The AV-P2 Output Module, meanwhile, provides up to two channels of analogue output from a Pro16 A-Net digital audio stream. The analogue output level for each channel is set with front-panel switches, while the modules can be connected in any combination of serial or parallel connections using Pro16 A-Net distributors.

Jeff Lange, consultant liaison & training manager for Aviom, told II: “Aviom’s AV-P2 Output Module, which was used in the University of Ulsan Ice Rink, is designed to provide multichannel source select systems that are simple to use and install, even in complex routing and signal distribution scenarios. A-Net was particularly well-suited for this installation because it allowed the contractor to distribute the audio without loss of fidelity over the distances required using inexpensive Cat-5 cables. Due to the flexibility of A-Net, there is also no practical limit to the size of the system, so expansion is as simple as connecting additional modules.”

The new system is used in conjunction with a variety of Funktion One loudspeakers, among them five AX88s, five F88s and two Minibass 210 subwoofers.