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Austrian sales flurry for DiGiCo/Soundtracs

A medium-sized provincial theatre in Lower Austria, the Landestheater has recently installed a DiGiCo D1 Live digital mixing console. TON Eichinger’s ability to provide support and the console’s portability – enabling its use at other venues or open-air events – were among the reasons behind the selection of a D1.

“The theatre originally looked at purchasing a Digidesign console,” noted TON Eichinger’s Othmar Eichinger. “But when we did the demo for them, they could see all the advantages of DiGiCo. They also knew they would have good support from us as DiGiCo’s distributor – TON Eichinger has been in business for 30 years, has a good reputation and our customers know we are a stable company.”

Regarding the D1’s portability, Eichinger added: “The small footprint means it can be transported very easily by two people. And it doesn’t take up too many seats, which is great for the theatre’s bottom line!”

In another recent sale, national radio broadcaster ORF purchased three Soundtracs DS-00 digital consoles – two for its Vienna facility, the third for its Eisenstadt regional studio – having long worked with Soundtracs desks.

“The operators are very happy with the DS-00, it is certainly the most cost-effective solution for ORF and, as it very similar to operate to the DS3, the learning curve is quick,” said Eichinger. “In fact, there was no training needed at all.”