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Aurora takes the flicker out of low-energy dimmable lamps

Fully dimmable low-energy lamp with imperceptible dimming transition

Low-energy lighting specialist Aurora has introduced a fully-dimmable low-energy lamp, where the dimming transition is imperceptible to the human eye, claims the company.

After 18 months in development, the lamp, part of the LUNA range, is said to revolutionise the low-energy market, offering greater options to the lighting designer.

Currently available in Par 20, the CFL reflector lamp has an output of 40lm/W, is fully Part L1 compliant and is dimmable from 10% to 100% with AU-DSP rotary dimmers.

Suitable for use in Aurora’s SOLA range of fire-rated downlights, the SGU10 lampholder prevents insertion of halogen lamps in compatible luminaires.

With a life of 10,000 hours, the LUNA AU-DGUF4011 is available in three colour temperatures: 3,000k, 4,000k and 6,400k.