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Auralex highlights T’Fusor Sound diffusors

Auralex Acoustics is exhibiting its range of T'Fusors. The lightweight panels facilitate sound dispersion in commercial applications, and are wall and ceiling mountable with a range of mounting option available.

Auralex Acoustics is showcasing its T’Fusor Sound Diffusors. These are Class-A fire-rated diffusion panels designed for commercial applications where sound energy needs to be spread evenly throughout the space.

Made from lightweight, high-impact thermoplastic, T’Fusors drop into ceiling grids and are wall-mountable with pushpins, staples, nails, Tubetak, Velcro or double-sided tape. The diffusors work best when mounted with a varying alignment of the “T” pattern. Improved broadband diffusion can be achieved by filling the cavity in the back of the T’Fusor with acoustic foam or 1in rigid fiberglass.

“T’Fusors are the perfect diffusors to highlight at this year’s InfoComm show,” says Eric Smith, founder and president of Auralex Acoustics. “T’Fusors beat the performance of competing sound diffusors, hands down, and offer significant cost-savings to boot.”

Available through Auralex’s network of authorized dealers, T’Fusors come in a box of four, which covers 16 sqf.