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Auralex Acoustics in the driving SEAT

The facility will undertake analysis, subjective evaluation and jury tests of acoustic signals previously recorded in vehicles, while also serving as a car audio lab.

As part of this ambitious project, Mas Acoustics has installed Auralex Acoustics’ ELiTE Custom Fabric System (CFS) wall treatment equipment.

“CFS is the most accurate complete wall treatment system where performance and aesthetics are mandatory,” said Lluis Moreno from Mas Acoustics, which is one of Auralex’s leading international distributors. “Neither the budget nor the room dimensions were large, but the results are excellent – not just at the technical level, but at the aesthetic level as well.”

“At SEAT, we needed a high-quality sounding room that could serve as an audio quality reference tool – not just for the design of tailored equalisation, but also for subjective evaluations of car audio systems,” said Adri_n Mateo Presser, the audio engineer at the SEAT Acoustics Department who led the project. “Auralex Acoustics products provided the sound quality we were looking for, as its Custom Fabric system not only sounds but looks great [as well].”

ELiTE-CFS is a proprietary, fully engineered acoustical treatment system that utilises a patented retention channel and custom installation process. The treatments include a combination of absorption, diffusion, reflection and bass trapping, with all the acoustical materials hidden behind the system’s smooth stretched-fabric surface. The provision of hundreds of fabric styles and colours enables the system to complement interior d_cor as required.