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Arthur Holm Dynamic X2 for Madrid meeting room

Petroleum company Repsol has chosen Arthur Holm Dynamic X2 monitors for its Madrid headquarters meeting room.

Arthur Holm monitors have been installed in the HQ of petroleum company Repsol. The Dynamic X2 displays have been installed in a round table, constructed with a central lacquered circle which is surrounded by a ring of stainless steel with a leather finish around it.

The screens are placed on the stainless steel ring providing a uniform look as the cover of the Dynamic monitors is built in the same material.

The table also comprises an audio conference system and integrated boxes for connections. In this case, microphones and speakers have been built separately and are always visible.

A central static monitor has been installed to reinforce communication. The Arthur Holm monitors can be locally or remotely controlled and can also be supplied with a remote diagnose system. The X2 are retractable monitors available in 17in, 19in and 22in widescreen.