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Arcstream AV and Electrosonic collaborate on Science Museum installation

Part of an exhibition area that addresses issues relating to water supply and shortages, the ‘interactive pool’ Living Image floor projection uses an infra-red sensor system that detects motion and changes the display in real time as visitors walk or run over the image. A powerful 6,500 lumen projection system, combined with 1024 x 768 resolution, is said to ensure outstanding image quality even in high ambient light environments.

“The Living Image display is a really popular product and, as people begin to realise its potential, we are seeing it in a number of different environments,” said Neil Dickinson, managing director of Arcstream AV. “People are becoming much more creative with their content and the ultra-sensitive infra-red technology allows their projected imagery to respond instantly, creating a really impressive, eye-catching display.”

“We wanted an interactive display that would capture our visitors’ imaginations,” added Malinda Campbell, content manager for The Science of Survival. “The graphics were incredibly life-like and the feature worked exactly the way we had hoped.”

“Although Living Image has been used in many high ambient retail environments, we’re seeing it used more and more as a standalone feature at exhibitions and events,” Arcstream AV’s Neil Dickinson told II. “The projection system was perfectly suited to the technology-led exhibition space. We were a bit concerned about how it would perform against the other bespoke technology solutions in the room, but the interactive floor really stood out amongst the crowd and caught the attention of visitors.”

The Living Image display is due to remain in place at the museum until November.