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Arcam launches custom install receiver range

The company has renewed focus on the custom install market with the launch of the fully-integratable home cinema range of audio receivers.

After opening new offices in Waterbridge, UK – which offer both training and demonstration facilities – audio solutions developer Arcam has released a new AVR receiver range for the custom install market. Along with the recent introductions of two other new products, the company believes its new focus will bring a higher class of audio quality to the custom install market and provide opportunities for dealers and resellers.

The recent introduction of Bluetooth RF audio reciever rBlink and Sonos add-on SonLink (Digital to Audio Converter) DAC products show the company’s continued investment in the latest technologies, such as ‘aptX’ blue core 7 from wireless technology solutions provider CSR.

The new audio receiver range has been specifically designed to integrate into home cinema AV installations. Each more powerful than the first, the range comprises the AVR380, AVR450 and the top of the range AVR 50.

The AVR750 is said to function well with both high resolution 7.1 surround sound or two-channel music, to deliver audio for content from heavy-weight blockbusters to concert videos. It features Class G seven channel, 100wpc power amplifiers to provide low background noise for high performance home cinema installations.

Suitable for media or gaming rooms alongside home cinema installations, the AVR450 incorporates a 90wpc power amplifier whilst the AVR380’s 75wpc amplifier is sized for slightly less demanding set-ups.

Both video and audio stages on the new range are designed to embrace current and upcoming technologies; 4K (Ultra HD) and 3D video capability are built in and up to seven high definition sources can be scaled to any resolution, where required.

For control, these new receivers can be quickly and fully integrated within whole house control systems through RS232 or IP connection. For simple systems they will also be available with a free of charge iOS control App. 12V trigger and standard IR control options are also included.

An internal tuner provides a fully integrated FM / DAB / DAB+ (in appropriate markets) radio solution. Worldwide access to radio stations is provided through the network connection, which also interfaces to uPnP audio servers. The USB port supports memory devices as well as digital audio from an iPod, iPhone or iPad.

The AVR750, AVR450 and AVR380 are all available to custom installers through channel distributor AWE.