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Anolis lights up Czech sports bar

When a sports bar in the Czech Republic wanted a facelift, the owner turned to Anolis in order to transform the space.

Architect Karel Janća decided on a fresh and vibrant approach when he was asked to design a completely new interior scheme for the Duel Sports Bar in the town of Zubri, Czech Republic.

An Anolis LED lighting scheme is now an integral part of the new look and feel for the popular bar and eatery, owned by local entrepreneur Rene Doricak and frequented by sports enthusiasts and a lively young crowd from the local area.

Duel is adjacent to a busy sports hall run by the city of Zubri, located between two bustling Moravian towns – the historically significant and beautiful Rožnov pod Radhoštěm and the buzzing commercial centre of Valašské Meziříčí.

Janća approached Anolis’s Czech & Slovak Republic sales manager Petr Kolmačka, and together they discussed the best possible LED lighting solution. Janća wanted to use power-efficient ‘green’ lighting for to his newly created interior. He also wanted the lighting to help capture the excitement and vibe of sports events featured on the big screens in Duel, and to complement the natural light that runs all down one side of the long strip-like space, and the artificial light entering from the windows on the other side.

Now, above the bar is a frosted Perspex light box which contains 10 Anolis ArcLinks, and the bar itself features a further 10 ArcLinks. The bottle shelves at the back of the bar are up-lit with 12 ArcLinks. At the top of the entrance stairs – Duel is on the first floor of the building – illuminating a lightwall feature is a single Anolis ArcLine 36 RGB Optic fixture with 25 degree lenses. An Anolis ArcPower 36 is supplied for control.

“It’s the first use of Anolis in a bar venue in the region,” said Petr Kolmačka, “and is very different from anything else; consequently, the lighting is having a huge impact and really making people talk.”

Anolis is the architectural lighting division of ROBE lighting.