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Anolis lighting up legendary Australian pub

The lighting scheme at The Paddo was designed by Craig Chandler (Craig Chandler Architects), while the installation was undertaken by electrical contractor Espirit. The project was jointly managed by Acoustic Technologies and ULA, whose national sales manager, Blair Terrace, observed that Chandler has specified “both Robe and Anolis fixtures for many other venues. Knowing the brand’s reliability and low maintenance, he chose Anolis and energy-saving properties.”

The design is divided into three separate but related areas. In the high-ceilinged and partially outdoor Sync Bar, 24 panels of 1m x 800m frosted Perspex panelling run around one wall in three horizontal layers, one above the other, while each panel is back-lit with eight pieces of Anolis ArcLink 3 RGB.

Elsewhere, the inside Saloon Bar features nine transparent ceiling panels with metal patterning, back-lit with 12 Anolis ArcLink 3 RGB units; the panels all have their own driver boxes for individual control. Finally, on the extensive outdoor terrace, six Anolis ArcSource 6 down-lighters are integrated into each of the beams, which are said to cast a “mellow veil” of shifting coloured light over the whole terrace. Five internally mounted ArcLink 3s have also been installed in this area.

All three areas are run off separate E:cue controllers.