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Anolis LEDs illuminate Czech shopping centre

The central feature of the Nová Karolina Shopping Centre, Ostrava, Czech Republic, is a light box that runs up through the middle of multi-level facility and out above the roof.

The new multi-million Euro Nová Karolina Shopping Centre situated in Czech Republic’s third-largest city, Ostrava, has been completed with a crowning feature – a frustum (truncated triange) –illuminated by Anolis LEDs. Costing €100 million (£80 million), the multi-level facility is endowed with hundreds of premium brand and designer stores, drink outlets, a multi-screen cinema complex and sports and leisure facilities. Architect Har Hollands from Dutch company T+T design selected Anolis to provide lighting for the 36.5m by 35m conical shape which stands 22m high. Integral to the spectacle’s lighting was energy efficiency and a solution that was bright enough to register during the day. Mikola Parmas, head of the Anolis Research Lab, produced detailed visualisations and data for both interior and exterior systems so an idea of the effects and coverage were known from the available positions of the lights. The interior part of the centrepice is illuminated with 32 pieces of Anolis ArcPad 94 RGBW EPS, a special fixture with separate (rather than integral) power supply. These are positioned on four ledges at ceiling height around the base of the space, and the beams focused to cross one another and wash up the space, giving an even coloration right up the fascias, with eight ArcPad 94s per side. The 32 ArcPad 94s, on at full, use 8.5kW of power. However, the standard power consumption (for 97% of the running time) is just 4kW for all fixtures. These feature two standard colours – blue and white – which have been programmed initially, representing the corporate colours of the Czech owners/managing company MULTI Development. The exterior features 16 ArcPad Xtreme RGBW units with custom optics (half fitted with 23º optics and the other half with asymmetric 23-6º lenses.) are lighting the exterior of the centrepiece on all four sides – so it can be seen from several kilometres away. They are positioned on the roof of the complex and are also programmed to do five-minute alternations of the same blue and white sequence of colours. Combinations of 16.5 million colours can be selected and the time sequences can also be adjusted if needed. Both inside and outside installations have their own PC-based Robe CyberCue architectural system controls, which are run in standalone mode. The exterior scheme is triggered by a light-sensitive sensor when it becomes dark, and the interior lighting switches on when the building opens to the public each day. Petr Kolmacka, Anolis brand manager, remarked: “I am extremely proud to be involved in this project. Anolis is a Czech brand seen in some of the highest profile installations worldwide, and so it is very special to see it in action on its home territory. It’s also good that proper attention is being given to the importance of lighting in Ostrava’s on-going redevelopment plans”.