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Anolis LED installation at historic Bath church

Working to keep all the fixtures as concealed as possible, and to ensure long-term reliability, Sturrock devised a specification that includes eight ArcSource Outdoor 12s at the top of the tower, cross lighting the four pinnacles, with a further eight ArcSource Outdoors 12s illuminating the second set of pinnacles further down.

Other fixtures include four ArcSource 12s (silhouetting the flying buttresses), four ArcLine Optic 36s (washing up the top third of the tower) and eight ArcSource Outdoors 18s (backlighting balustrades). The Anolis drivers are all situated on level one of the belfry, while the lighting is controlled via a DMX Creator from the vicar’s PC in the basement.

Enlightened Lighting’s Kieran Sturrock told II: “We chose the Anolis fittings we used on St. Stephen’s Church as we had experience of both the Anolis LEDs and their Robe moving heads in our hire stock. We have found them both robust and reliable in hire, and if kit can survive in hire it should be fine when installed permanently.

“We also selected the Anolis range for the wide choice of fittings, all available with several lens alternatives.”