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Analog Way unveils ‘powerful’ new mixer seamless switcher

Featuring four scalers, Eikos is the new addition to Analog Way's high-resolution mixer and seamless switchers range.

Featuring four scalers, Eikos is the new addition to Analog Way’s high-resolution mixer and seamless switchers range. Particularly suited to rental/staging and advanced integration applications, Eikos offers up to 12 inputs, including four fitted with SDI and two with DVI-D.

Incorporating the latest digital processing, Eikos outputs digital and analogue signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of many formats from HDTV to Computer 2K. The new product also offers three different operating modes: Multi Layer Mixer, 12 x 2 Seamless Native Matrix and QuadraVision.

In Multi Layer Mixer mode, Eikos can display up to six layers: three Live Sources, one Frame and two Logos. Up to two PIPs can be displayed on a live background, or three PIPs on a still background. Live Layers can be customised by the users with various attributes, including: Borders, Movements, Zoom, Cut, Fade, Wipe, Slide and Smooth Move.

Eikos offers a 12 x 2 scaled native matrix with true seamless switching. The switch between any of the 12 inputs can be in cut or fade and synchronised on the two outputs.

In addition, up to two PIPs can be added on a still background in Matrix mode. A mirror function allows display of a PIP sent on the first output on the second output. The PIP size and position are automatically restored on the second display, reducing the number of manipulations for the operator.

Franck Facon, Analog Way’s worldwide marketing & communication director, told IE: “Eikos is a versatile product with powerful operating modes and visual effects especially made for the rental and staging market. In the context of transition to HD and on the replacement market, Eikos offers a very appropriate solution that will allow many European companies to acquire a sophisticated machine at a competitive price and with excellent return on investment.”