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Ampetronic hearing loop system at major US airport

The decision to boost support for hearing-impaired people was inspired in part by the hearing problems experienced by the son of airport director Jim Koslosky. Following an intensive research period, the decision was made to go for an Ampetronic system, which will be supported by local vendor ASCOM.

“They already support our PA system, so they had a deeper level of knowledge of how to integrate the PA system to the Ampetronic system,” explained Jonathan Curtiss, network manager for airport operator Kent County Department of Aeronautics. “That was very important for us, especially as we have a 24/7 operation and didn’t want to have [an] interruption in service while the loop was being installed.”

With assistance from Ampetronic’s US distributor, Assistive Audio, ASCOM installed a system that encompasses both airside concourses and all departure gates. Both concourses are serviced by three individual arrays, and each gate has its own individual loop. ILD-1000G amplifiers with CTU11 transformers and ILC4 Combining Units are deployed for the general concourse areas, with an additional ILD-1000G for each gate.

Signage is positioned prior to and beyond the departure checkpoint to let passengers know that T Coil support is available. Audio distribution through the loop system in the concourse is zoned, but continuous.

The system is said to have received an enthusiastic response from customers, and there are plans to expand its reach in to the landside Grand Hall area.