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Amina releases AIW550E invisible loudspeaker

The AIW550E from Amina is the upgraded version of the AIW5X flagship evolution series of invisible loudspeakers.

The AIW550E uses the company‚Äôs Opti-Drive and Opti-Damping. These technologies have enabled Amina to extend the bass response of the vibrational sound board loudspeaker and to lift the overall mid- and high-frequency balance to improve the clarity and presence of these devices, bringing them directly in to the territory of conventional tweeter-based speakers. Amina describes the Evolution range as the most significant upgrade to the AIW family since it first launched plaster-over speakers. The company’s products are based on the concept of reproducing sound from a vibrating surface, just like that of a natural musical instrument. The flat panel product is designed to be installed into walls or ceilings ahead of the final skim of plaster being applied, creating invisible solutions. The speaker replaces a cutaway section of plasterboard, and is said to be extremely quick and simple to install, once cables are in place, either in a new-build or in a retrofit project. The high-power (50W continuous, 100W peak) Evolution AIW550E joins the mid-range (30W, 60W) AIW350E; following its experience with the latter, Amina expects rapid take-up of the new model in commercial and residential projects. For 100V line installations, the AIW550E is available with integrated high-quality 10W, 20W and 40W toroidal transformers. Furthermore, the AIW150E, suitable for reduced sound pressure applications such as bedrooms and bathrooms, will be available in June, and a new high-power flagship bi-wire home cinema model, the AIW750E, is expected by the end of the summer.