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Altinex Pop-N-Plug interconnect boxes for General Electric

Altinex AV connectivity points are ensuring General Electric's new conference room is able to provide a 360º AV solution.

General Electric’s new state-of-the-art conference room at the company HQ in Plainville, Connecticut, has been fitted with 360-degree AV solution featuring multiple video displays. Central to its AV connectivity are Altinex PNP417 Pop-N-Plug interconnect boxes and AC301-250 Dual Button Controllers.

Bridgeport-based Paul Downs Cabinetmakers was contracted to design and deploy a new conference table for General Electric.

By utilising the surface cutout of the table, the Altinex PNP417 offers convenient, one touch access to a variety of video, audio, computer, network, and power connections — making the tabletop connection point attractive. Working in conjunction with the Altinex UT250-101 under table switcher and featuring illuminated output select control, the Altinex AC301-250 Dual Button Controller enables each person to direct their video to one of the switcher’s two outputs — making this an extremely efficient means of directing content to video displays.

 “The Altinex PNP417 provides superior aesthetics because of its ability to match the wood used in the table and it also provides extremely reliable operation,” commented Cabinetmakers owner Paul Downs. “Equally important is the fact that when the PNP417 is in its closed position, it’s absolutely flush with the table. This enables people to pass papers back and forth among themselves without those documents getting caught on the edges of the connector unit. This is a critically important consideration when designing a conference table of this nature.”

The PNP417 also offers the ability to customise the unit’s connector plates. General Electrics wanted both VGA, meaning the custom connector configuration was an advantage for the install, and the wide range of connectors that Altinex offers enables personalised setups.

Design engineer for Paul Downs Cabinetmakers Nathan Rossman finished: “This project has been a terrific experience right from the start. We’re extremely pleased and I’m quite certain that our client will be equally impressed. I’ve worked with Altinex for several years and I’ve always had a positive experience with their products. Their equipment does everything that’s expected of it—and does it well.”