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Altinex announces audio signal conditioners

The SC206-204 and SC206-205 are designed to eliminate the effects of transmission interference when using single-ended audio signals, such as those from personal music players or computers.

SC206-204 (pictured) and SC206-205 audio signal conditioners eliminate noise or interference caused by signal contamination and by variations in ground levels. Both models use audio filters to reduce noise on single-ended audio signals by reconfiguring the audio signal to balanced or differential format and eliminating potential ground loops.

The SC206-204 is terminated with a male stereo 3.5mm plug (for source audio) and a female 3.5mm plug (for loop out) while the SC206-205 is terminated with RCA connectors.

SC206-204/205 audio signal conditioners can be placed in-line between the interconnect box and the audio amplifier/loudspeakers (the point where, for example, a laptop computer is connected into the system) to convert audio signals from single-ended to balanced.