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All will become clear: EASE SpeakerLab training session scheduled for InfoComm

Ahnert Feistel Media Group, developers of EASE and EASERA, developed the Generic Loudspeaker Library (GLL) data format to facilitate accurate simulation of complex, highly integrated sound sources such as loudspeaker clusters, column loudspeakers or line arrays. GLL data includes mechanical, electronic and acoustic properties of modern loudspeaker systems.

The training session at InfoComm will also cover the company’s new software tool, SpeakerLab, which imports and exports GLL data and includes powerful analysis functions. SpeakerLab functions as an EASE module, enabling sound system designers to exchange high-resolution data on complex loudspeaker systems with manufacturers and loudspeaker designers.

This powerful new software tool is designed for:

  • EASE 4.2 users who are designing sound systems that include line arrays, loudspeaker clusters or multi-way systems as well as ‘loudspeaker management’ signal processing.
  • Loudspeaker developers who want to simulate multi-driver interaction as part of the design process, and provide high-resolution EASE data on the final product.
  • DSP / EQ manufacturers who want to interface with EASE, and to exchange filter configurations for specific loudspeaker systems with EASE users.

The training session will take place on Wednesday 20 June, from 10:00am to 12:00 noon in the Laguna A Room at the Anaheim Hilton.