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All-in-one solution from AMX

The DVX-3150HD is an all-in-one 10 x 4 presentation switcher, controller, scaler, transcoder and converter with built-in audio processing for distribution of HDMI signals with full HDCP.

Using InstaGate Pro technology, the DVX-3150HD is said to offer ‘analogue simplicity’ without interruption or key constraints. The hybrid system provides a complete solution for control, audio and video in a 3U rack unit featuring plug ‘n’ play operation and simplifying installation by eliminating HDCP key constraints (sending HDCP signals to every display with no delays). 

AMX’s InstaGate technology allows traditionally key-limited sources to be switched freely to all connected HDCP-compliant displays, eliminating HDCP key limitations typical of large applications. Said to offer simplified system design, the multi-format video inputs of the DVX-3150HD supports analogue, digital and HDMI with HDCP sources.

The DVX-3150HD’s SmartScale technology outputs ‘perfectly scaled’ video for each connected display, eliminating the problems that can occur when sources and displays have different optimal resolutions.