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Alexis Ampang jazzes up with Alcons Audio VR8 pro-ribbon

Established 17 years, the Alexis Group strives to provide guests with the complete dining and entertainment experience. One of its Kuala Lumpur venues was recently installed with an Alcons Audio sound system.

Contemporary dining and entertainment restaurateur Alexis Group, which has opened five premises in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, since it began trading in 1995, has welcomed the installation of an Alcons Audio VR8 pro-ribbon audio system at one of its jazz venues. Situated in the city’s commercial and embassy district, the Alexis Ampang is renowned for its programme of jazz performances on weekend nights which showcase international musicians as well as local legends. “We needed a system that was compact but could produce the Hi-Fidelity audio quality that we required at both low and high sound pressure levels,” commented Alexis manager, Eleen Ng. The newly installed system comprises two VR8 pro-ribbon full-range loudspeakers and two BF181 long-excursion 18in subs. The system is driven by two ALC2 amplified loudspeaker controllers boasting 2x 1kW output each, with SDP speaker drive processing modules. “The installation of Alcons systems has certainly fine tuned the premise’s in-house live acoustic, which met the musicians’ demands for superb sound and delivered listening pleasure for its audience,” added Ng. “The Alcons pro-ribbon technology delivers superb sound and its precise dispersion pattern reduces the acoustic difficulties that we previously experienced. Combined with the excellent sound quality, the Alcons system has proven to be the ideal solution for delivering the high quality sound reinforcement that our customers demand,” Ng finished.