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Alcorn McBride powers new exhibits at Mexican naval museum

Alcorn McBride quipment has powered a range of new exhibits at the Museo Naval in Veracruz, Mexico.

Alcorn McBride quipment has powered a range of new exhibits at the Museo Naval in Veracruz, Mexico. The Alcorn McBride controllers and players used were installed by Tecnologia EDD (TEDD).

The Museo Naval occupies the historic waterfront site of the former Naval Academy in Veracruz. It presents visitors with a wide range of Mexican naval history, including pre-Columbian navigation, the conquest of Mexico/New Spain, the role of pirates and famous naval battles.

Mexico City-based TEDD worked with museum designer Margen Rojo to configure the technology required for the new exhibits and galleries, which employ projectors, LCD panels, lighting and directional audio speakers.

“There are 20-plus rooms, all with technology,” said Alejandro Altamirano, general manager with TEDD. “We have been using Alcorn McBride equipment for a very long time. We have a great deal of confidence and trust in it: We know we can just set it up and let it run for years with no maintenance.”

Most of the Alcorn McBride equipment is housed in two central control rooms on the main and first floors. The main floor control room is outfitted with a V16+ show controller, a DMX Machine, an 8TraXX for audio playback, and five A/V Binloop HD for synchronous audio and video.

The first floor contains a large exhibit space which boasts 16 projectors and has its own dedicated control room. TEDD has equipped it with a V16+ show controller, DMX Machine, an 8TraXX and four AV Binloop HDs.

“Alcorn McBride’s customer support has been great,” said Altamirano. “They’ve been involved with us from the beginning and have come in to offer training when we need it for new equipment.

“Renovating the Museo Naval has been a very big project,” he explained. “We were proud to be part of it and happy to bring in Alcorn. The client has been very pleased with the outcome. We may be in line for another big job with them, and if that happens we plan to integrate Alcorn equipment once again.”