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Alcons provides principal sound system for legendary Hamburg theatre

To meet the requirements for a system ensuring high-quality coverage of the complete ground floor and a ‘virtually invisible’ installation, Scheunemann and his team settled upon a QR36 modular pro-ribbon line-source column consisting of two 18in pro-ribbon drivers and six 6.5in woofers. Low-end extension is provided by two BF362 subwoofers. All Alcons equipment is powered and controlled by ALC Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers.

According to Alcons Audio Germany’s Carsten Albrecht, the Thalia Theater project marks the first time that a theatre in Germany has utilised the Q-series line-source columns. “It’s another proof of the growing popularity of Alcons pro-ribbon systems in the theatre market in general, and the quickly raising interest in the Q-series [in particular],” he commented.

Florian Scheunemann and his team are now planning to install further QR36 columns in the three balconies.