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Alcons aims to blend in with any interior design

Alcons introduces Architect Colour Option into loudspeaker range.

Delivering unsurpassed audio quality from a system which is as invisible as possible is the challenge placed before many sound designers in today’s installation market. It’s a tough test for anyone, but one which Alcons Audio’s Architect Colour Option (ACO) aims to overcome.

Alcons has introduced a solution for architects looking to blend in speaker systems with a client’s interior design in the shape of ACO. All Alcons loudspeaker systems can now be ordered in any of more than 180 different RAL colours, the standard European architectural colour matching system.

Covering the entire colour spectrum, ACO allows Alcons loudspeakers to blend into the background against any type of decor, from plain blacks and whites, through subtle shades to vibrant colours, even natural wood and metal finishes.

ACO is available for the Alcons models in the C-(cinema) series, T-series, S-series, L-series, B-series and V-series. In addition, system designers can preview the colour options online using the Alcons ACO Simulator on the company’s web site.

“All of our products are developed to be as unobtrusive as possible, in their sonic response as well as in their appearance, which is also why we only apply a small logo on the front grille or even refrain from that,” says Alcons managing director Tom Back.

“But with ever-increasing demands for high quality audio being delivered from systems which are all-but invisible, with speakers sometimes being regarded as “necessary evil”, our Architect Colour Option™ ensures that optimum results can be achieved in any situation.”