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Airborne Museum flies again with RSD

The impressive audio/visual/sensor experience was devised by Tinker Imagineers, which enlisted Rapenburg Plaza to provide the lighting design, supply the AV and lighting equipment, and undertake the installation and programming work. Media content company Tungsten was also involved in the extensive project.

At the heart of the AV infrastructure is RSD’s Sound-Man Server – which provides 24-track audio control and playback – and an e:cue lighting and show control system for other media elements.

Bart Wermuth, the e:cue programmer and AV specialist responsible for this project, commented: “It was great to work with the combination of the RSD SoundMan-Server and the e:cue System. While I was programming the lights, Sierk was programming the SoundMan-Server with his Medialon set. When we both were ready, I could easily implement the SoundMan-Server control commands in the overall e:cue programmer file. Especially because we [didn ‘t have] a lot of programming time at all, this was a great way of working. The complex audio soundscape and all the audio effects were no challenge for the SoundMan-Server!”