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Afloat, after hours – Martin LEDs for nightclub ship

‘Something special’ was among the requirements made of main project lighting and sound contractor Informationsteknik, which opted to move away from traditional nightclub solutions in favour of a “visual look [that comes] from a media server so that the DJ [can] easily change themes and scenes. It is a new way of thinking and a totally new experience for the audience,” said Informationsteknik project manager H_kan Hansson.

Notable features of the resulting installation in Under include a FlexDOT LED wall of approximately 2m in height and 10m in length. Surrounding the dancefloor, the wall incorporates 100 FlexDOT strings and 2,100 individually controllable FlexDOT pixels spaced at a distance of 10cm.

“The quality of the light from FlexDOT is quite amazing,” said Hansson. “The colour balance is very nice and it looks nice even if you are very close to it. It performs very well showing moving images. When we put in the content, the quality of the movement was very good, for the client as well.”

Graphical content for the FlexDOT LED wall comes from a Martin Maxedia Compact media server, while control is handled via a PC-based Martin LightJockey connected to a touchscreen in the DJ booth. The installation in Under also makes use of Martin Alien LED Downlights, which work in conjunction with the FlexDOT wall to create a unified, contemporary lighting design.

Image Credit: Martin Professional A/S / Allan Toft