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ADLIB selects Coda Audio for BMX Centre

The UK's first ever permanent BMX track has been fitted with a Coda Audio solution to drive sound around the 2,00-seat facility.

UK-based installer ADLIB has equipped the BMX Centre – part of the National Cycling Centre, Manchester – with a new CODA Audio sound system.

ADLIB was called upon again by Manchester City Council following a CODA system install at the adjacent Velodrome track the previous year, this time to fit a permanent audio solution for the first ever permanent indoor BMX track in the UK.

Company director Roger Kirby, and sales and installations manager John Hughes fronted the ADLIB team, with site supervision from installation engineer Alex Burke. Acoustic consultants Sound Space Design was chosen to provide additional support for the system’s design.

To cover the centre of the main seating stands, four hangs of four CODA Airline LA8 speakers were installed, each with an Airline LA8 sub at the top of each hang, complete with flying accessories. For the front left and right positions, four CODA G712 / 96 speakers were introduced, and for the extreme rear left and right corners of the stand, two CODA G308 delay speakers were deployed.

Meanwhile at the starting gate positions on both ramps are four ADLIB AA81i speakers, with a pair located beneath the start gate of each ramp.

ADLIB specified a BSS Soundweb ‘London Architect’ system network for control, incorporating a BLU-100 device – which acts as the source feed for event commentary, DJ systems and visiting sound mixers to tie into the installed system – with BLU-LINK connectivity for the simultaneous broadcast of audio signals and microphone sources via Ethernet.

“The main objective was to provide a very flexible system that could handle loud music and hyper-enthusiastic commentators without excessive breakout whilst minimising environmental disturbances to the very near residential properties,” explains Kirby.

Jarl Walsh, general manager of the National Cylcling Centre states, “We now have a first class sound system which meets the exacting demands of a full range of events we will be hosting in the new arena, from small local events to major international competitions attracting the world’s best riders and spectators from around the globe.”