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Active Audio launches Ray-On 100

The passive column loudspeaker is said to offer the same directivity characteristics as a DSP-controlled column.

Suitable for conference rooms, small churches, shopping malls, airports, etc, the Ray-On 100 stands 1m high and can be vertically mounted close to a wall to deliver the kind of performance normally only achievable through complex signal processing.

The design is based on Active Audio’s patented DGRC (Digital and Geometric Radiation Control) technology which combines electronic and geometric line arrays. Speakers are mounted by group on a stepped structure and the wavefront is shaped and controlled by both the geometric positioning and orientation of the speakers, using a specific filter for each step. Capable of handling 150W, the column produces a maximum SPL of 95dB (at 8m) across a 110Hz–18kHz frequency range.

The Ray-On 100 is also available in both low impedance (8-ohm) and 100V line versions.