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ACSP provides wholly new lighting system

ACSP's lighting installation for a UK church has halved its power consumption while giving the interior a welcome face-lift.

A.C. Special Projects (ACSP) has provided a new carbon-conscious lighting installation at St Peter’s Church in Hall Green, Birmingham.

ACSP was approached directly by St. Peter’s Vicar, Reverend Martin Stephenson, to design and specify new lighting for the attractive octagonal shaped Church.

Positioned on each side of the nave are six ‘carpet’ windows with spectacular stained glass depicting ancient prayer mats hung in draughty churches. These were previously lit by an old spot-light system that was constantly blowing lamps and proving difficult to maintain.

Anytronics were commissioned to make special versions of their Anycolour 4-way dimmable fluorescent batten, complete with bespoke warm white and ‘candlelight yellow’ deep-dyed polycarbonate over-sleeves.

The Anycolours are located in the base of the window bays, so the light grazes up the windows. The relief of the window surround is highlighted, enhancing the overall room ambience.

The units utilise high efficiency recyclable fluorescent light sources (energy group A) with digitally controlled high frequency ballasts for a long lifetime.

The Anycolours are driven via an Anytronics interface box controlled by an Anyscene 7, pre-programmed with a selection of scenes/looks for different times of the day and services/activities.

This installation has more than halved the power consumption of the previous lighting scheme.

ACSP also designed and installed new lighting, allowing the East Window behind the altar and pulpit to be appreciated after dark.

Five Hunza IP66 water resistant 35W metal halide fittings are attached to special brackets mounted on the exterior wall above the windows. These were chosen for their brightness, power efficiency, practicality, long life and low maintenance.

They produce a glow through the windows inside, and are also controlled through the Anyscene 7 and programmed into some of its presets.