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A touch of class from Cytech

Cytech’s KT03 aims to fill the gap between a simple LCD keypad and large, expensive touchscreens.

Cytech Europe will launch a stylish new touchscreen keypad, the KT03, in the next few months. The monochrome KT03, with a 4-inch (10 cm) LCD touchscreen, has a built-in speaker, microphone and infrared (IR) receiver.

L Y Chiu, director of Cytech Europe, says: “The KT03 has been designed to provide a compelling and appealing user interface for the Comfort Security and Home Automation System allowing the user more easily to access its powerful capabilities and to fill a gap in the market between a simple LCD keypad and the large, very expensive touchscreens.”

The speaker area is covered by a metallic-like grille with hairline finish. The status LEDs shine through a translucent black bezel on the front showing Home, Armed, AC/Battery and New Message conditions. The infra-red receiver and microphone are beneath the outer bezel.

The crystal-clear, graphically-designed touchscreen can be mounted in landscape, portrait or vertical positions and hundreds of pages can be programmed as the home-owner requires.

Using Cytech’s Configurator software, the KT03 is programmed via a USB interface. Availability is forecast for October/November, 2010.