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A first install for Adamson SpekTrix in the Philippines

The University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines has extended its facilities with the addition of a new gymnasium. For the main pavilion, an Adamson SpekTrix system was selected, the first system of its type to be installed in the region.

In honour of its 400th anniversary this year, the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines, constructed a multipurpose gymnasium. The new Quadricentennial Pavilion incorporates Adamson’s SpekTrix line array system to drive sound around the 5,792-seat gallery that looks over the venue’s main gymnasium. The ground level of the facility is home to retail space for businesses such as banks and restaurants, while the first floor houses a two-level fitness centre adjacent to a gymnastics room, and the third level features a two-lane oval track around the inside perimeter of the building. Due to the seating capacity of the main pavilion, Adamson’s SpekTrix line-array was selected for the installation; its high SPL makes it loud enough for rock concerts, yet its compact footprint allows even sound distribution without obstructing the view of the gallery audience. The design and installation was executed by Makati City-based Crystal Audio headed by operations manager Kevin C Malupa. The company’s original sound design called for a single SpekTrix sub flown with six 5º SpekTrix enclosures below, but after some acoustical testing, the SpekTrix proved sufficient with an array ratio of one SpekTrix Sub to four SpekTrix enclosures, offering a more cost-effective solution. The final installation incorporates six sets of SpekTrix arrays flown; two arrays at the opposite ends facing out, and four arrays along the court’s length, placed left and right of the center. Elsewhere, four supplementary trapezoidal fill boxes are in place to flood the centre of the court.