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A.C. Special Projects engaged for science centre

A series of interactive games can be found throughout the complex, which is housed inside a giant orange ‘pod’ suspended within the atrium of the award-winning Blizard Building. Centre of the Cell was designed by Land Design Studio and lit by David Atkinson Lighting Design (DALD), who were asked to devise a specification that is dynamic, immersive and energy efficient. Satisfying these requirements led to the engagement of A.C. Special Projects, which supplied an energy-saving LED system to enhance the pod’s atmospherics.

The central nucleus of the pod is illuminated by RGB LED wash lights, while the same area also employs custom-designed, DMX-controlled RGB LED spotters. Suspended above the space, four circular projection screens are back-lit with flexible RGB LED strips; concealed fibre optic heads are located underneath the flip seats.

The installation also includes edge-lit acrylic panelled showcases – which are lit by recessed LED fixtures – and touch-screen monitors. The lighting has been pre-programmed for the various sequences onto a DMX replay unit, which in turn is triggered by the audiovisual show control system.

The use of LED and metal halide light sources is said to have ensured that the centre adheres closely to the energy conservation and sustainability requirement, with a minimum lighting load of 1.2kW and maximum 3kW.

Image Credit: Simon Rice-Oxley