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2,500 Barco MiSTRIPs for Spanish exhibition centre

In the entrance hall, Ito has integrated a large circular 360-degree LED display that is built out of 2,000 MiSTRIPs. The MiSTRIP LED display measures 1.5m in height, is 32m in diameter and stretches for a circumference of approximately 100m. The display has a vertical pixel pitch of 13mm and horizontal pitch of 50mm.

Fira 2000 played a key role in the selection of the MiSTRIP for this project, with the administrative body’s project manager noting that the installation required an LED element “which was very slim and front accessible for maintenance purposes. Barco’s MiSTRIP was the only product on the market that met this tough criteria.”

In addition to its role in establishing a natural ambience, the LED display provides visitors with a host of practical information. A further 500 MiSTRIPs are integrated into seven other LED displays of various sizes, located at each of the entrances to Pavilion 8.

Stijn Br_ker, Barco business development manager, told II: “Barco is proud that we have been given the opportunity to realise Toyo Ito’s vision of integrating a video screen into the overall architectural design instead of adding it to the environment. This total visual solution gives FIRA a unique way to communicate with its customers. It also demonstrates Barco’s leading role in developing innovative LED technology for creative architectural design.”