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World’s first WQXGA projector now shipping

projectiondesign has announced that the F35 2,560 x 1,600 WQXGA resolution DLP projector is now shipping.

projectiondesign has announced that what the company says is the world’s first 2,560 x 1,600 WQXGA resolution DLP projector is now shipping.

“projectiondesign is known to be first with introducing the industry’s most innovative products, and our F35 wqxga projector continues that tradition,” said says Anders Løkke, international marketing and communications manager at projectiondesign.. “The F35 WQXGA was first shown in 2010 and it is now generally available. The release of our F35 WQXGA benefits our customers with increased imaging performance and reduced operating costs for a wealth of applications.” 

Already deployed in advanced corporate AV, scientific visualisation applications such as oil and gas exploration, simulation and visitor attractions, the projector has nearly double the pixel count of standard HD resolution projectors. This is of great benefit in visualisation and simulation, where the emphasis is on fine detail and the accurate rendering of images. 

Beyond this, the projector’s high resolution halves the need for projector channels in large visualisation systems and also reduces maintenance requirements two-fold. In complex systems, the higher resolution enables fewer channels, fewer replacement lamps, fewer channels to align and half the calibration complexity. The F35 WQXGA uses projectiondesign’s RealColor colour management suite to further enable the accurate matching of any number of channels.

The F35 WQXGA uses the latest DLP technology from Texas Instruments which was developed in conjunction with projectiondesign. “This is just the latest step in our excellent working relationship with projectiondesign,” said Roger Carver, manager of the DLP front projector business at Texas Instruments. “We see the company not just as a customer but as a truly innovative partner that contributes very significantly to the development of DLP products. And we believe that everyone who sees the F35 in action will see exactly what we mean – it really is a stunning technological achievement.”