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“World’s first and only” ultra-thin bezel interactive display launched

Manufacturer MultiTouch says that the new 55" MultiTaction cell further enhances its position as market leader in stackable interactive display installations.

MultiTouch has announced the launch of its ultra-thin bezel (UTB) MultiTaction cell. Said to be the world’s first and only interactive display with an ultra-thin bezel LCD, the company said that the announcement of the 55in display further enhances its position as market leader in stackable interactive display installations.

The new 55in UTB’s visible bezel features a 1.9mm bezel in the bottom and left side of the cell, and a 3.8mm bezel on the top and right side, with an average mullion of only 5.7mm from pixel to pixel. This is a significant improvement on existing MultiTaction cells, which already deliver flush integration of multi-display installations.

“The first MultiTaction cells already boasted thin bezels designed with multi-display installations in mind,” said Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch. “The introduction of our ultra-thin bezel model improves the individual cell’s appearance dramatically, making multiple display arrays look almost seamless.”

The ultra-thin bezel touch screen construction is made possible by MultiTouch’s patented optical imaging technology Computer Vision Through Screen (CVTS) which has optical touch sensors integrated into the proprietary LCD backlight modules. MultiTaction cells can accommodate unlimited numbers of touch points and an unlimited number of concurrent users with full hand recognition. Uniquely, according to MultiTaction, the cells support simultaneous IR pen and touch interaction.

Intended for demanding public installations in corporate and retail space, education, museums, and exhibitions, MultiTaction Cells are capable oft advanced interaction and ultra-fast 200 fps tracking. Full networking capabilities allow for cloud applications and social network integration as well as remote management and monitoring.

MultiTaction cells are designed for Enriched Reality: interaction with real-life objects – ID badges, product samples, 2D barcodes, or game pieces for example – and can be stacked to create giant interactive screens in a variety of shapes using large numbers of cells. The world’s biggest multitouch videowall was recently installed in London using 24 55in MultiTaction cells.

MultiTaction cells are said to support the industry’s widest range of development tools, including the MultiTouch Cornerstone software development kit (SDK), Microsoft Surface 2 SDK, and all TUIO-compatible tools. An external computer with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS can also be used to connect multiple cells into large, awe inspiring, interactive installations.

MultiTouch is taking orders for the 55in UTB with immediate effect and will begin shipping from the end of September 2012.