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World first for Wolfvision

The new VZ-C3D – the first 3D visualiser – is on show at InfoComm.

WolfVision is introducing the VZ-C3D, the world’s first 3D visualizer, a 3D stereoscopic ‘live’ presentation solution. The VZ-C3D visualizer is ceiling mounted, and features two high-precision lenses and an onboard stereoscopic mixer. Real-time ‘live’ high-definition 3D images can be viewed in amazing quality, with or without glasses on any suitable 3D-enabled display screen. 12X optical zoom capability ensures that items of all sizes can be picked up quickly and easily, and the synchronised lightfield which is projected onto the working surface means that it’s also easy to find correct positioning for display materials. A frame rate of 30fps ensures smoothness of motion, and 3D images are output via HDMI in native 1080p format. The VZ-C3D can also be switched to output standard 2D images in 1080p format if required. 

Wolfvision believes the device could be useful; in specialist medical and telemedical applications, product design and engineering, science and education, videoconferencing and telepresence applications.