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Window projection helps to drive retail footfall, reveals new POPAI/3M research

The study – which drew on more than 24,000 shopper observations and 1,562 interviews at stores in Zwolle, Utrecht and Zoetermeer – also revealed that up to 64% of shoppers recalled at least one themed message without prompting, while 57% felt they had learned something from the displays.

The Vikuiti screens were also shown to have a direct impact on customer footfall into each store. Between 0.8% and 1.8% of all passers-by stopped to view the window screens, while 2.5% of all passers-by entered the store because of what they saw on the displays. With more than 100,000 potential shoppers passing by each store per week, these percentages translated into a significant increase in footfall into each store. Of those who entered the stores, up to 33% did so because of the window messages.

Willem Arns, visual marketing manager at one of the participating retailers, Intersport, commented: “We compared the two shops with Vikuiti Rear Projection Film and two without. What really stuck out was the attention that the Vikuiti screens received from the passers-by. They were really surprised and we had a huge reach. Intersport is very enthusiastic about this solution. We see a lot of opportunities for Vikuiti Rear Projection Film and, together with 3M and POPAI, we are discussing the possibilities.”

“Store windows are a retailer’s face to the world and yet they have been overshadowed by other technologies such as the internet, large screens and mobile messaging,” Lloyd Cole, European marketing manager, 3M Digital Signage & Optical Systems, told II. “The principal research findings show that Vikuiti Rear Projection Film together with digital signage is revitalising this retail media space, putting windows back into mainstream high street retailing and bringing people into the store. Windows can now have a new lease of life, conveying exciting dynamic messages about complex products to capture the attention of passers-by.

“In the future we will see interactivity playing an increasing role in retail window advertising. Interactive in-window displays add an extra dimension for shoppers giving them the ability to engage physically with the display, touching and selecting on-screen information on services or products.”